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Youth are the pioneers of our tomorrow. The progress and growth of a country depends upon the empowered youth. The Youth Empowerment can help the children to take charge of their lives in various situations where they can acquire the access to resources to enhance their ability to take action. This can help them to transmute their perception through their views, morals and attitudes.

The key factor in the current scenario is to train the students to be professional and to be employable. Their progress and growth can eventually help their community to expand. Students as soon as they complete their education, need to be the part of the empowerment program to learn about the real world outside their college/ university. WELTT aims to address the real facts about the skills that are not taught to them in their syllabus. 

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Focus Areas

Communication Skills

Leadership Qualities

Team Work and Team Management Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Self-Confident and Self Motivator

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