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Institutional Membership

For institutions involved in English Language Training and Assessment

Individual Membership

For Individuals involved in English Language Teaching and Training


Institutional Membership Open for the
Year 2022 /2023


Institutional Membership

Institutional memberships provide larger benefits to the eduprenures as stakeholders. Apart from clear indicators for business networking, this platform raises one voice to establish a prime industry towards global education and foundation, all these and much more at a minimal annual subscription.

WELTT Annual Exhibition


Certificate of Membership

Voting & Core Committee Participation Rights

IELTS / PTE Training Sessions for new joiners at institute (If required)

Dinner Events

Networking Meetups

Skill Upgrading Sessions

Annual Trip at Discounted Rate*

Complimentary Annual Exhibition Pass*

Recruitment Posts

WELTT Annual Event Banner Space

Referring Interns for all openings

FREE Assessment Test for all Faculties

Institutional Membership

Individual Membership

By whichever name you call an English teacher, trainer, or a language skill expert if you propagate English language skills and are open to learning, collaborative to English language advocacy, and look forward to continuous professional development and networking, here’s where you should be! You can be visible to the industry with a nominal annual membership fee and enjoy all benefits for Individuals around the year! 

Individual Recognition

Voting Rights and Core Committee Participation

TTT Advanced For Experienced Trainers


Dinner Events

Skill Upgrading

Annual Trip

Job Assistance

Annual Exhibition Invites

Individual Membership
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