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An initiative by WELTT Group to spread their word to the needed that will contain a series of training sessions by the experts who are ready to take the lead for creating responsible citizens to uplift our country’s youth.


These sessions have been planned to being delivered using a number of techniques such as storytelling, presentations, interactive sessions and the like to the kids those are underprivileged or lack the amenities to pursue them under present scenario.

Further we also plan to include women and men who are yearning to grow in their respective vocations but have not had an opportunity to undergo the above detailed skills can be nurtured with them in a need to learn basis tailor made manner.


We seek the support of all the members in brightening the lives of at least a thousand beneficiaries within a year thus giving back to the society. 

Focus Areas




Quick reading skills

Literature devices

Impactful language usage for writing and speaking. 

Soft Skills

Communication and presentations skills

Public speaking

Interpersonal Communication

Technology-based communication and group discussion tactics.

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