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Essay 1 by Aparna Dasgupta

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Q1. Some people say that individuals who make a lot of money are the most successful. Others think that those who contribute to society like scientists and teachers are more successful. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


A school of thought suggests that affluent people having disproportionate amounts of money are the most successful in our society; while others argue that accomplishments belong to the professionals who largely contribute to uplift the society. In this essay I would discuss both perspectives before giving my opinion.

To begin with the former view, some folks with their greatest efforts and skillset able to fulfill their dreams and eventually accumulate a large scale of wealth. Evidently, billionaires generally are the role models to many. Since time immemorial, money has been playing a pivotal role to gain respect, social status, and security in the society. To illustrate, industrialists, famous celebrities like filmstars, footballers, and cricketers; to name a few - with possessions of great mansions, flashy cars and large bank balances, are admired and worshipped. Not only do they create job opportunities for millions but also bring about development of the country by paying huge taxes. Thus, financial freedom can be viewed as the definition of success.

However, the opponents claim that professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers, researchers and the likes who serve the society without expecting anything are the real heroes. There are plenty of examples who have found their purpose in life by giving priority to their people and motherland thereby winning the hearts of millions. They are remembered hundreds of years after their death for their contribution to the public and the nation that definitely makes the individual successful.

Hence, to conclude in my opinion - successful people certainly earn a great deal of money but the service to the society has greater importance that helps some to fulfill their dreams and bring satisfaction.

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