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ESSAY 2 by Divya Vaidya

Today's children are living under more pressure from the society than children in the past. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Children are the crucial assets for the development of a better world. For nourishing their tiny brain sin a positive manner, a peaceful and stress free environment is mandatory. Kids living in the current time, handling more pressure than the children in the previous time. I feel the disagreement on the statement as the consequences for the disagreement describe below.

To begin with, society plays an important role in the growth of children. Society living in the past time was truly being judgemental and used to criticize even a small thing about their children. In those time children used to be pressurized by the society in terms of early age marriage, choosing career pathways and many other prominent decisions regarding their personal life. Children at that time having certain limitations which didn't allow them to raise their voice against their elder's choice.

Furthermore, too much peer pressure applied by the society, forced the children to sacrifice their own dreams and put them in a compulsive situation that they used to feel helpless. For instance, selecting dance as a career option in those days, called shameful activity in the eyes of society, so plethora of the children couldn't be dancer even through it was their strong desire to be the one.

In addition, parenting in current times have become better so far as well as the thought of the society has improved. Nowadays, children can live their life as per their own terms and conditions. Community around them started making their mind broad and accepting even the odd things. Society is ready to adapt new change sin children's life. Somewhere, it is also due to increased proportion of literacy among the people.

In conclusion, children nowadays don't have such pressure as compare to the old times. The advance thinking of society has inspired them to achieve their desired aims and they can fly freely as their dreams has got the wings.

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