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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The blog is about PTE Academic test, Tips and guidance to the students preparing for the test.


I am an English language trainer, having experience of more than 8 years in training. I am working as IELTS and PTE faculty in Ahmedabad and help people to accomplish their dream of going abroad for studies or migration purpose.

The reason behind creating this blog is just to solve the queries which often students face while appearing the exam. I will keep sharing you my observation which will help you to get desired result.

The main idea behind this blog is to focus on PTE Academic Test.

Lets first go through the structure of PTE Test

The main features which differentiates PTE from IELTS

Easy date availability, Result with in five days, Computer based test so no human error involved, No so called biasedness, Some parts are easier than IELTS as the type of questions differ.

Official PTE Test Structure which will give over view of it.....

PART 1:SPEAKING & WRITING 77 – 93 minutes

  • Personal Introduction

  • Read aloud

  • Repeat sentence

  • Describe image

  • Re-tell lecture

  • Answer short question

  • Summarize written text (one sentence)

  • Summarize written text (paragraph)

  • Essay (20mins) (200-300)

PART 2:READING32 – 41 minutes

  • Multiple choice questions 2 types

  • Re-order paragraphs

  • Fill in the blanks 2 types

BREAK 10 minutes (A ten minute break is optional.)

PART 3:LISTENING45 – 57 minutes

  • Summarize spoken text

  • Multiple choice 2 types

  • Fill the blanks

  • Highlight the correct summary

  • Select missing word

  • Highlight incorrect words

  • Write from dictation

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