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Essay 5 by Hitesh Sachdev & Shivani Sachdev

Topic: Discuss your opinion about how modernism can affect our health. What can the government do to overcome such circumstances?


Modernization has unleashed several pivotal pragmatic transitions in the way of living, impacting all spheres of life. I nonetheless deem that this paradigm shift has surely taken a toll on people’s health. There are however certain meticulous remedies that can be adopted by the government to restrain the aftermath of modernism on people’s well-being.


It can nevertheless be stated that the first and foremost substantial consequence is the advent of stationery and sedentary lifestyle owing to the dependence on machines and gadgets thereby, resulting in augmentation of deterioration of health. To exemplify, the surge in IT sector and desk-bound jobs have swelled the amount of chronic ailments like obesity and diabetes. Modernization has additionally given birth to a consumerist society facilitating a workaholic culture thereupon, proliferating increased levels of stress and anxiety.


The availability of ‘convenience food’ in the market has furthermore added fuel to fire, crippling the conventional pattern of staying robust and in good health. For instance, fast food contains excessive amounts of sodium and hydrogenated fats and can lead to a series of medical issues.

In contrast, the government can firstly limit the number of working hours bringing certainty to the fact that people attain more time to incorporate physical exercise regularly in their routine. For example, working for longer durations can drain the energy to be actively involved in one’s personal healthcare regime subsequently creating hazardous effects on health. Secondly, providing awareness about health through media and campaigns coupled with an immediate ban on fast food adverts can save people from the inimical effects of modernization.


To recapitulate, modern life-style has brought along manifold health related cons however, the government can clearly implement ways to combat the same.

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