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Essay 8 by Mr. Jagdeep Dhebar

Essay: Education Bookish or Practical Agree or Disagree

Topic: Some people say that in all levels of education, from primary schools to universities, too much time is spent on learning facts and not enough on learning practical skills.

Do you agree or disagree?

E It has been significantly observed that academia mould careers that incorporate sophistication and excellence in the standards of realms, first world nations corroborate this. M/O This notion has rightly floated a common opinion that the entire stages of tutelage emphasise theoretical aspects rather than hands-on abilities. C The entire pedagogic syllabi expose excessive convergence on bookish knowledge, while android still being in its nursery phase due to this.

The entire education system revolves around pen and paper learning rather than with tools because of unrestrained creation of learning syllabi where the setters upset the apple-cart of students. P For instance, the staff at the education board may be uneducated to understand the priority of applied sciences. This results in churning out paper-tiger graduates who have no inkling of hunting in the real jungle of machinery, space or marine science per se, O rendering degrees or doctorates worthless.

Since the underdeveloped world has to wrestle out woes of its own, it hardly has the time to incur metamorphism in the arena of teaching, the resultant emergence being Artificial Intelligence at pre-juvenile stage. P For example, when posed with topics such as Sea City, Analemma towers, black-hole theory or Mars missions via Asgardia – the space nation, the students stare blank. V It is imperative for young learners to venture into diverse fields of computer hardware and software to make the country free from malware in the education panel.

BOF Qualifying in theory or practical takes a back-seat when men of learning wage ruthless wars for balance of power, they fail to see that real power is teaching people to live in harmony.

274 words

E nvironment

M atter

O bjective

C ontours

C ontour 1

P recedent

V alidation

O utcome

C ontour 2

P recedent

V alidation

O utcome

B ottom-line

D eclaration

F orecast

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