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Essay 7 by Neeta Rathod

Topic: Some people say that vertical city is best where people live and work in tall bldgs. Others say that horizontal city is  better where there are few tall bldgs. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. 

Burgeoning Global population is the reason for cities to become crowded, the architects and city planners are in a dilemma as to which way to spread. Some traditional believers say that horizontal is better  where as,others oppose this and think that vertical is much better. However,I believe that option of vertical cities is worth considering.

Scarcity of land has given rise to a new concept of vertical city for many reasons. First, it can accommodate a large number of people. In other words, the growing population which is estimated to reach cities in the near future is more than 85%. In order to have shelter, cities will have to go upwards. That's the only way one could accommodate families and people. Moreover,even land is becoming scarce, so the horizontal expansion is an Uphill task. Left with no choice , but, better comfort and modern lifestyle ,vertical cities will be more in demand .For example, one can already see this move in New York ,Tokyo, Mumbai and Torronto where there are tall skyscrapers  to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people.

Talking about horizontal cities which also come with several benefits. They offer affordablility,as usually buildings in horizontal cities are low-rise buildings. So,one does not require  highly skilled architects, planners and engineers and the overall construction cost is low as compared to that of vertical buildings. For example, houses in Indian villages like Jamnagar,Pali and Ajmer are only one storyed buildings with not many modern facilities and also  the cost is low to built them. So, I think horizontal cities are economical.

In conclusion, I believe that vertical cities are far better than horizontal cities because tall buildings are solving the housing problem of the rising population and also offering modern facilities.

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